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What We Do

Aerial Photography / Videography

Specializing in the capture of scenes and events from above. Drone footage can give you a unique perspective that in times past was cost-prohibitive.

Editing and Manipulating

Your pictures and videos are the product, the editing process will bring out the very best results.


FAA part 107 certified. All regulations and protocol will be adhered to. Special care will be observed when operating around people.

Fly Throughs

Using FPV drones, we can create a fly though of your property or business. This is a cool way to display your opperation and to show the world what you are about.

Property Tours

Drone footage can offer a different perspective to your property. Many people think this just means looking down from above, but it can also simple mean cinematic smooth camera movements giving a tour of your special place.

Time-Lapse / Hyper-Lapse

Hyperlapses are timelapses done with a moving camera. They show things sped up and can make an interesting scene into an amazing video. A great application for hyperlapses is the progress of construction projects over time. We use Litchi to control manipulate the drone and produce videos taken at different times from the exact same flight path.

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